Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video Interview with Ooomf -- a new startup fundraising on AngelList

Interview between me and Mikael Cho, the CEO of Ooomf.  Useful for investors to find out more about the deal.

This is being done as an experiment. I noticed that investors have a hard time knowing which startups to investigate. They don't have time to take meetings with all of them. So I recorded this Skype call of me interviewing the entrepreneur to help other investors see if this is a reasonable startup. I hope that by seeing the CEO on-camera it will encourage the investor to take a meeting and to waste less of the entrepreneur's time answering redundant questions from dozens of investors since I'm asking the basic questions already. Do you feel this experiment is useful?

Ooomf's website is http://www.ooomf.com and their AngelList page is http://angel.co/ooomf.

You can find out more about me at http://about.me/Edro.  You can gain first-dibs access to investing in my startup dealflow at http://angel.co/edro/syndicate.

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