Friday, January 7, 2011

Who am I?

Thanks for visiting!  I’m a serial entrepreneur, author, and investor in Austin TX, with 12 years of experience running startup companies.  My expertise is focused mostly in marketing, sales, leadership, and software development.

I founded Ghostfire Games, an Austin TX company specializing in making exercise video games for the Nintendo Wii system.  Prior to this, I was founder and CEO of The Middleware Company, a Java training/consulting company, which I sold to Precise Software.

While at The Middleware Company, I founded the world's largest Java developer community,  I also founded TheServerSide Symposium, a series of international Java conferences which brought the brightest developers together.  I also wrote "Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans", a book on developing complex business systems in Java.

In my spare time, for fun I advise several startup companies.  If you’d like to connect with me, just shoot me an email -- you can reach me on

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